Mount Olivet currently has five adult Sunday school classes that meet at 9:40 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Below is a brief description and contact information for class leaders. All of our classes welcome visitors and guests.

9:30 Study Group
Room L5 | Multigenerational
We get together on Sunday morning to learn more about the Bible and its importance in our daily lives. Class members may volunteer to teach and all members participate in the discussions. Members select the topics and the teacher determines how to present the material. Single, married, young, old. All are welcome!

What We’re Reading

9:30 Study Group will begin reading Luther vs. Pope Leo: A Conversation in Purgatory by Paul Hinckley R. (Fiction) in mid-September. Martin Luther and Pope Leo X awake in the afterlife. It is 2017, and they have been asleep since the posting of the Ninety-Five Theses in 1517, the imagined execution of Luther, and the death of Leo in a strange accident. To their mutual chagrin not only does each discover the other face-to-face in “heaven,” but they learn that by divine decree they are roomed together indefinitely. The pope’s first reaction to the news is that this is his purgatory for the sins of the Medicis. Luther despairs that he is in hell: “It was works after all,” he surmises.

Discussing the key issues that divided Catholics and Protestants and birthed a Reformation 500 years ago, Hinlicky creates an imaginary reconciliation in heaven between Martin Luther and Pope Leo X, who work through the controversies that divided them in their historical encounter. They even get a little help from John Wesley. In this book, Luther and Leo become the creative instruments of a renewed commitment to Protestant-Catholic ecumenical reconciliation (as signaled by the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification by the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church in 1999).

Contact: Kristen Nelson,

Faith & Fellowship
Room L9 | Multigenerational
We are a community of individuals who care for our classmates and others in the Mount Olivet family by attending to personal joys and concerns. We read and discuss scripture studies and books by contemporary theologians and other writers selected to bring insight to our spirituality. We understand that individuals are at different points along their spiritual journeys, which provides for meaningful, enlightening, and fun Sunday morning discussions.

What We’re Reading
Faith and Fellowship is beginning a study of The Meal That Jesus Gave Us, Understanding Holy Communion by N.T. Wright.  The author explains in clear and vivid style the background of the Last Supper, the ways in which Christians have interpreted this event over the centuries, and what it all means for us today.  View Book

Contact: David Traynham,

Room L1 | Multigenerational
We focus on connecting relationships with our faith, the Bible, and each other.  Class studies offer an informal atmosphere for nurturing spiritual growth and seeking wisdom, no matter where you are in your journey.  Class members collectively select topics of study, resulting in an eclectic mix.  Lessons are intended to stand alone – even when “connected” to a common theme – so that anyone can feel included on any given Sunday.

What We’re Doing
Connections is discussing a variety of podcasts and articles, including Rob Bell podcasts and articles about what Pope Francis is doing differently than his predecessors. Members propose a topic, which they can lead or hand off to someone else to lead. This one-off format provides the flexibility members need after a busy week or missing a week or two.

Contact: Steve Neff,

Spirited Parents
Room L3 | Parents of All Ages | 9:50 a.m. (Please note this is 10 minutes later than most Sunday school start times.)

Spirited Parents is a warm, enthusiastic group that seeks to support each other during the parenting and spiritual journey. The class looks for inspiration and guidance from scripture, group members, and a variety of media, such as videos, podcasts, and books. While we benefit from the weekly fellowship, the standalone format enables attendees to drop in as their schedules allow.

On the “First Sundays” of each month, Spirited Parents will lead a fellowship group that discusses age-specific topics of interest in a conversational setting (note that we will meet earlier at 9:40 am on these days). Bring your coffee and ideas!

During the rest of the month, Spirited Parents will follow a more traditional Sunday School format. This fall, we will be using weekly podcasts to guide our discussion. While it’s helpful to listen to the podcasts before class, it’s not required to participate – weekly facilitators will lead the discussion and provide background and/or relevant podcast clips in case you haven’t been able to listen in advance.

Contacts: Anne Venezia,

Scripture Study
Library | Multigenerational
Scripture Study Small Group is a small group that studies scripture in depth, a book at a time.   The group aims to immerse itself in the living Word in order to understand it in context and to seek its application to our busy world.  Vistors and new members are welcome.

Scripture Class is studying The Bible from Scratch: The Old Testament for Beginners by Donald Griggs. This text is an overview of the Bible starting with the Old Testament.

Contact: Susan Sutter | , Heather Weir | , and Laura Lund |       

Living Room
Meets Outside Mount Olivet | Parents & Young Couples
Meets every other Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m.

Join fellow parents and young couples for a new small group at Mount Olivet. We will gather for dinner and conversations. 
We will go through studies together so we can better understand our children and support one another in this season of life. This group is also a place where we can create community and encourage each other through study, fellowship, activities, and service. You can learn more by contacting Lanny Shepherd.
Contact: Heather & Lanny Shepherd |