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The Way Message | October 22, 2017


We are in week 2 of our stewardship campaign and this morning we have Jesus being questioned about taxes. Since taxes are levied by the government, in Jesus’ case the Roman Empire, Jesus is being pushed into a corner, being asked to make a political statement. So for us this morning we have 2 of the 3 […]

The Way Message | October 8, 2017


Psalm 137:1-4 Philippians 4:4-9 At the end of a week of unbearably sad news, I picked up the Washington Post on Friday and read that a brand new, bright red, three-keyboard, bleacher-shaking pipe organ has been installed at Nationals Park. Just in time for the playoffs. This brought back fond memories from the days of […]

The Way Message | October 1, 2017


Paul is addressing a troubled church in Philippi. Paul has a real conundrum on his hand. There was controversy among new Christians as to exactly how a Gentile would convert to Christianity. Did they, make converts, need to be circumcised? Division within the church is nothing new. The absolute worst meeting I have ever attended, […]

The Way Message | September 10, 2017


To fully understand what Jesus is telling his disciples in chapter 18, verses 15-20 about disciplining members of the church, we need to go back to verses 1-14. Now on first glance, when we read that the disciples asked Jesus, “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” the first person that may come […]

Sermon | September 10, 2017


Good morning.               Can you think of a setting in which you are the designated Christian? Perhaps you’re conspicuous among a group of your colleagues or friends because they know you’re active in the church or simply know you as a person of faith.               In some circles, like my running club and […]