Sermons by Pastor Teer Hardy

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The Way Message | August 13, 2017


Eleven years ago, I was the aquatics director at Camp William B. Snyder in Haymarket, Virginia. My friend Eric asked if I would help him open a new Cub Scout camp and being a recent college graduate with no job I took him up on his offer. Eric taught me to swim years prior to […]

The Way Message | August 6, 2017


The feeding of the five thousand is arguably the most well-known of all of the miracles Jesus performs during his ministry. This is the one miracle of Jesus that can be found in all four of the Gospels. Most of us know this story in one form or another. At the least, many of us […]

The Way Message | July 16, 2017


The parables of Jesus, aside from the Sermon on the Mount, are the most distinctive way Jesus taught his disciples. Parables in general would have been familiar to the disciples, along with the bystanders who were also listening to Jesus as he taught.  The parable of the sower, along with the rest of the parables in […]