Greater Things

From the sound of the band in The Way to the glorious organ in the sanctuary, when worship begins we know that we are about to be swept up into something much greater than any single one of us can do alone. To sing in harmony, we bring our differences together into a magnificent chorus. Within our walls, we host Community Assistance where several hundred people receive needed assistance in a caring way. Every suitable space is utilized on Sunday mornings for Sunday school. During the week, La Cocina teaches culinary skills, English and life skills to primarily Latino persons. Beyond our walls, we send teams to Haiti and around the greater Arlington region. We support the global mission of the United Methodist Church. Yes, Mount Olivet is about greater things.

These things are made greater because Jesus triumphed over life and death. He triumphed over the very things humanity thought were limitations. As we learn in John 3:16, there are no limits to God’s love. “God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son . . . ” God gave his Son because God loves us. Loving and giving are synonymous. When one of my children has a need, I will do whatever I can to give to that child because I love my children. When I’m made aware of a need in our community, I will do whatever I can to give to that need because I love our community. Mount Olivet is able to do greater things because we give out of love.

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