Welcome to Mount Olivet Weekday Preschool & Parents’ Day Out. We believe that our developmental philosophy allows us to provide children in the community with stimulating experiences consistent with the best principles and purposes of early childhood education. We do this in a safe, loving, and Christian environment with qualified and experienced teachers and staff. Our low teacher/child ratios and our teaching team approach enable us to nurture each child as an individual. We strive to prepare all children for the next step in their preschool or elementary school experience and to provide them with the skills they need to live happily and cooperatively in the larger world outside the home. We work to ensure a close partnership with parents at all times.

Classes for children aged three months through five years meet from 9:20 a.m. until 1:15 p.m., mid-September through early June. Children are placed as of their age on September 30. Infant/Toddler classes (for children under the age of two) meet one day a week, Monday through Friday, on the same day each week; Twos classes meet either one or two days a week (M/W, T/Th, or Friday only); Threes classes meet either two or three days a week (T/Th or M/W/F); Fours classes meet either three (M/W/F) or five days per week; our Fives class meets five days per week.

5-Day Fives Class: This class, now in its fifth year, is a wonderful pre-kindergarten option for children whose parents choose to delay kindergarten for one year. All students in this class must be 5 years old by September 30. With a small class size of 10 – 12 students, our curriculum offers a balance between giving children an opportunity to learn through play and exploration and offering them more structured learning experiences to prepare them for the academic challenges of kindergarten. We try to provide children with tools in pre-reading, writing, and mathematics while at the same time help them develop the social and emotional skills they will need to make the transition to kindergarten a smooth one.


Our Mount Olivet Preschool Teachers and Staff

Mount Olivet Weekday Preschool offers children a progression of knowledge and skills at an age-appropriate level in the following areas:

Physical well-being and fine and gross motor development through movement and coordination games and activities. Children participate in outdoor free play on our playground (weather permitting) or indoor play in the Fellowship Hall. Older children walk to the playground at Woodlawn Park as well. To promote the development of fine motor skills, we give children an opportunity to use a wide range of manipulatives and practice self-help skills.

Social and emotional development through Individual and group social situations that include story time, sharing, small group play, one-on-one meaningful work with classroom teachers, and cooperative play with classmates. These activities help children practice skills such as taking turns, learning to be a good friend, and expressing feelings in a healthy way.

Art and music appreciation through exposure and a creative process approach. Children are introduced to different visual art media, provided opportunities to create and express themselves (even if getting messy is part of the process!), and encouraged to display their projects. Children are exposed to different kinds of music through listening, singing songs, and using rhythm instruments. Many classes participate monthly in a music and movement class as well.

Cognitive development through activities that foster the growth of children’s thinking abilities. This includes areas such as concept development, symbolic thought, memory, categorization, reasoning, and problem-solving. Age-appropriate math and science skills are introduced. Classrooms are set up to stimulate and facilitate the pretend play that is so important to a child’s cognitive, social, and language development.

Language development through supporting and modeling effective communication, both talking and listening, and through the teaching of age-appropriate literacy skills in reading and writing. In a print-rich environment, children participate in making up stories, rhyming and other kinds of word play, and games and activities that require listening to and following directions.

Spiritual development through creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance of each child as a unique individual created by God. We encourage children to develop a sense of love, hope, and trust in God through daily prayers at meal time, occasional age-appropriate Bible-based stories and songs, and for our older children, monthly chapel time in the church sanctuary.

Enrichment Classes offering a variety of learning experiences taught by teachers from outside the program specialized in these areas. Examples include: Science Wonders, Music and Movement, and for our 5-day 5s, Spanish. The Threes, Fours, and Fives have at least three off-site field trips each year; the Fives have additional opportunities for field trips. Parents are encouraged to join their children on these trips, space permitting.

Daily Schedules vary by age and by class. Teachers post class schedules in the classroom and also provide monthly lesson plans. All classes spend at least 40 to 60 minutes daily playing outdoors on the playground or indoors in the Fellowship Hall. The school provides children with a mid-morning snack; children bring their lunch from home and eat it “family style” in the classroom. Children and teachers say grace before meals. Note that we are a “nut-free” school.

Our Preschool has a very active Parents’ Group that works closely with the Preschool Director. This is a great way for parents to support the preschool. Opportunities include fundraising, outreach activities, educational seminars, social events, room parenting, and substitute teaching.

Mount Olivet Weekday Preschool and Parents’ Day Out has a Religious Exemption from Arlington County and from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Registration for the 2017 – 2018 school year at MOPS has been completed, and all classes have been filled.

If you missed 2017 – 2018 Open Registration, we can add names to this year’s waiting list. Please email us with your child’s name, date of birth, parents’ names, and parents’ contact information (email and phone). All children will be placed for 2017 – 2018 by their age as of September 30, 2017.

Please note that waiting lists at MOPS do not carry over from year to year; if we are unable to place your child for 2017 – 2018 and you are interested in enrollment for 2018 – 2019, you should go through Open Registration next winter. More information will be available on the MOUMC website next fall.

For additional questions about Mount Olivet Preschool, please call or email the Preschool Office.

(703) 527-5508 |

*Please note that the Mount Olivet Preschool does not share a phone line with Mount Olivet United Methodist Church.