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A New Day

Pastor Teer Hardy

The weekend is behind us. We spent time with family and friends in our backyards and parks, a safe six feet away from one another. Many headed to outdoor restaurants and coffee shops ready to return to a sense of pre-COVID normalcy. 

It is a new day and a new week. 

Today summer vacation begins for students and parents head back to work. Many of us are stepping into new, uncharted territory – teleworking while our children are no longer in school – and for others today is just another Monday. 

You might be stepping into a new season of life or today might just be another Monday, but regardless of what is happening today the faithfulness of the Lord is steadfast. The works performed by our Creator, the faithfulness of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit have remained ever-present. 

The Psalmist wrote, “Because God remembered his holy promise to Abraham his servant, God brought his people out with rejoicing, his chosen ones with songs of joy.” 

God brought Israel out of Egypt, the Wilderness, and into a promised land, and with each new day the people rejoiced. 

The writer of Luke tells us about a man healed by Jesus. The man was a leper and after being healed he “threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him.” 

As we move through the busyness or stillness of life each day, each new week is an opportunity to turn towards our Lord, giving thanks and praise. The beauty of our online worship services is that we can worship, led by Dr. Shaner on the organ and Pastor Jeff on a Stratocaster anytime we want. We do not have to wait for Sunday morning to come around.  

We can log onto YouTube or Facebook and worship. We can read a devotional or sermon from a new church we may never have the privilege to physically step foot in the building. Yet in worshiping from our homes we are joining others around the world who are doing the same thing. 

Giving thanks and praise, whether with songs led by the organ or a sweet guitar solo on a strat, we are engaged in what theologian Karl Barth described as “the most momentous, most urgent, most glorious action that can take place in human life.” 

This is a new day and a new week. Join me today as our feet hit the floor, rising from bed or taking a break from work at the kitchen table, and give thanks to our Lord, rejoicing with songs of joy, with words of thanksgiving. 

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