Replanting Mount Olivet's Children's Garden

A project by Girl Scout Ella Evans


Hello all! My name is Ella Evans and I’m replanting the children’s garden here at Mount Olivet Church with the help of Holley Green. I want to make it more accessible, visually pleasing, and reflective. I’m using native plants in the garden to help our environment and I hope that this garden will become a viable urban green space for reflection, relaxation, and play.

Creating An Urban Green Space

I’m working to make this garden into a viable urban green space that is accessible, peaceful, and a good place to get away from the chaos of life. Studies have shown that urban green spaces help produce cleaner air, create a lasting permeable surface for water drainage, and help people to be more active. Urban green spaces also help with mental health as people become happier, less stressed, and have better concentration and less feelings of depression when they go to urban green spaces. My hope is that you all will take a little time out of your day to walk, run, or bike to the children’s garden to enjoy a breath of fresh air surrounded by nature. This garden space is open to everyone who needs it and would like to use it.

Why Native Plants?

  • Native plants are very good for the environment and help the natural ecosystem, creating a place that birds, bees, and butterflies will flourish.

  • Native plants help with soil erosion as they have deeper root systems than most alien or invasive plants.

  • Planting native plants helps to make sure that they don’t go extinct and we can preserve this beautiful part of nature.

  • Native plants are easier to care for, requiring less water and mowing than alien plants. They also stay more contained, not spreading like invasive plants do.

  • Native plants are healthier for us because they don’t require the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals as pests don’t bother them.