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Church Council Highlights

Updated: October 2021


  • Justin Kopca, Church Council chair, convened the first meeting of Council for FY 2021-2022. Your Church Council members and members of Ministry Teams can be found on the church website at

  • Reviewed updates to Mount Olivet’s Strategic Plan developed with planning consultant Paul Nixon. Read more below.

  • Approved FY 2021-2022 Budget of $1,257,112. Prior to this approval, the church had followed the Council’s directive in June for continuation of the FY 2020-2021 budget, except for clergy and staff salary increases and increases to the Trustees Utilities and Maintenance budget for contractual increases. Budget available by request. Contact: Marilyn Traynham |

  • Renewed certified candidate for ministry status of Amanda Holmes, a Mount Olivet member, who has begun her third year of study at Garrett Theological Seminary.

  • Supported new relationship with Scout Troop 167. The troop is in the process of establishing its own 501 (c) 3 status enabling it to be a legally responsible entity. As a result, Mount Olivet United Methodist Church will terminate its charter agreement with the troop (which included ownership of the troop’s assets as well as oversight of troop activities and leadership). The troop will continue to use Mount Olivet’s facilities through the church’s Facility Use Agreement. As in the past, Mount Olivet will continue its strong support of and good working relationships with the scout troop.

Updates to Mount Olivet's Strategic Plan

Families with Kids

Choose anew to offer a pace-setting ministry to families with children (pre-teen and teen) at home. This recommendation is ongoing.

Orange/Silver Line People

Diversify the demographic focus for ministry design to include persons living in the orange/Silver Line condo/apartment corridor. This recommendation has been addressed with few sustainable results.

Mount Olivet Community Life Center

Begin planning for eventual construction of a large facility beyond The Green, to replace the parking lot, that will include a mixture of parking, church, community, and non-church development. This recommendation is being addressed by the Property Study Group, a subcommittee of the Trustees.

Welcoming/Discipleship Systems

Strengthen systems for the assimilation of new people into church life and provide a system that encourages person to mature as disciples. This recommendation has been addressed and is in place.


Stay on the creative edge with each worship community, with attention to excellence and diversity of design. This recommendation has been addressed by necessity as we adapted to worship during Covid-19. Our hybrid approach has proven popular even with a return to in-person worship.


Extend our explicit inclusivity of LGTBQ persons to include other groups as the Spirit leads. This recommendation has been addressed regarding LGBBTQ inclusion and is now addressing racial justice.

Next Meeting

Saturday, November 20

8:30 AM via Zoom

If you would like to attend, contact: Justin Kopca |