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Holy Conversations

Mount Olivet's Conversation Around LGBTQ+ Inclusion

A Reconciling Congregation

In June 2020, Mount Olivet officially became a reconciling congregation. You can learn more about the journey by clicking the link below.

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Holy Conversations

In 2014, Mount Olivet entered into a period of reflection and discernment on how Mount Olivet could live out their vision statement as a congregation in relation to our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) brothers and sisters.

There were three motivating factors which prompted this time and process of discernment:

As citizens of this country, we see attitudes towards the LGBT community changing with signs of greater acceptance/tolerance (i.e., civil recognition of gay marriage, workplace discrimination protections, etc.)

As Christians, we try to reconcile the scriptural writings and traditional beliefs with Christ’s message of love for all and discerning how this reconciliation process impacts our message to the LGBT community.

As part of the Methodist denomination, we have witnessed the varied responses to LGBT issues, notably same-sex unions, at all levels of the global United Methodist Church — from the local congregations up through the General Conference.

With these factors in mind, the Church Council elected to support a period of time for reflection and discernment on how the Mount Olivet community can respond, react and live out our vision statement in relation to our LGBT brothers and sisters.

LGBTQ Voices of Faith

In the fall of 2014, Mount Olivet approved a statement, (shown above) welcoming all people into participation in the life of Mount Olivet. In 2016, Mount Olivet hosted a 5-week series inviting LGBTQ people to share their experiences within the church and why they believe inclusivity matters. We heard some amazing, and heart-wrenching, stories that impacted us greatly.