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In The Storm

Linnea Carlson

I am one of those folks who can get a bit obsessed with the weather. I usually know the forecast and try to figure out what to expect, knowing that it may or may not be accurate. Two storms I like to follow are snowstorms and thunderstorms.

Snowstorms because they remind me of “snow days” from my childhood—I loved a day off school. They could great hours and days of entertainment! Even in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

The other is thunderstorms. For me they have a certain beauty. They come with lights and sound! They can be fast moving or last a long time.

Last evening, I was watching the storm coming. It was a large black cloud rolling in. We were outside and quickly came in. I sat on our balcony just watching the storm head our direction. There was still sun, white fluffy clouds and blue sky, but the storm was moving rapidly. When the large black cloud arrived squarely over my head, there were still patches where the sun, white clouds and blue sky were peeking through. While the storm was there, I could still see the beauty of the sky that was there before the storm.

The storm passed pretty quickly. Not a drop of water, not even any lights or sounds from my balcony. When it was gone, the sky was still light and added some beautiful hues of blue and pink.

All this reminded me of some of the storms in my own life. It highlighted that God is still here, maybe not as visible to us during the storms. We have to look for God-not just the clouds and nature, but in scripture, conversation, music and moments. I also have to be careful not to be “looking” for a storm, for something to go badly. The forecast may be bad but that is not necessarily how it will turn out.

We are currently in a “storm” we will never forget. And not just us, the entire world! There has been a lot of “storm damage.” During this time, I am trying to look for some of those patches of sun and blue sky. I also believe this will not last forever—even though it has already lasted much longer than any of us anticipated. I remember God is in the storm. God is with us.

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