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December Update


I have repeatedly asked my daughter for her Christmas List. Our house

is so full it is hard to imagine putting much more stuff in it. For her birthday

last year I asked my sister to purchase her a writing workshop held for kids

at George Mason. I knew Marta would like it and it was more than I could

swing at the time. My sister was happy because she did not have to shop,

wrap or ship. It could all be done by email.

 There is research that says kids are enjoying experiences more than traditional

presents. Around here we are surrounded by options for experiences.

You could get tickets to a Redskins or a Nationals game. You

could get tickets to a play or movie passes. You could get a tent to go

camping. Sign up at the Spy Museum or a nature center for an annual


 One thing all these options have in common is they are a shared experience.

It is something you do together. The anticipation of an experience or

a trip also brings joy. Our memories are more of what we do than what

we have.

 Another option is to look at ways to give. Heifer International has all

kinds of items that are given to families in a third world country that help

them on a daily basis, such as a chicken or a share in a cow. There is also

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief.) They go to disaster

sites and provide support and supplies.

As you consider your shopping list this year consider some of the

unique options for making memories and giving to others.

Merry Christmas!



Preteen Group

Sunday, December 9

Room L5

Noon-1:30 PM

We will meet for pizza and make gingerbread houses. We need extra parents to help control the amount of sugar being consumed rather than placed on the houses, so please consider joining your child for this afternoon of sweet fun! Please RSVP to Heather Weir by Wednesday, December 5 so we can ensure we have enough supplies. We also ask that each family bring one bag of candies to be used for decorating.

RSVP: Heather Weir |

New Christmas Eve Worship Times

Family Service | 3 + 5 PM

Live Nativity | 4 + 4:30 PM

Traditional Service | 7 + 9 PM

The Way | 7:30 PM

*Childcare is provided at all services except the 9 PM Traditional.

Dinner for Children's Choir

We are hoping to be in the Fellowship Hall for dinner in January. In the meantime we are ordering takeout. We have had pizza, pasta and Chick-Fil-A. Dinner is from 5:30-6:30 PM. Please contact Linnea with any questions.

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