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A Love Feast

By Pastor Ed Walker

A Love Feast

by Pastor Ed Walker

Luke 24:13-49 

He is risen! He is risen indeed! 

It’s Easter Monday and I feel so connected to all of you. How do I know that? First, because the resurrection is real. God has triumphed over the powers and principalities of this world; over COVID-19 and sheltering in place, over death itself. This Easter is more like the first Easter than any I have ever known. Fear is real; a threat exists; we are quarantined like the disciples who went into hiding. And yet, Christ comes and meets us; loves us. 

Second, when I participate in online worship, I feel that we are together, even though I cannot reach out and share the peace of Christ with you via a handshake. When I hear Dr. Shaner’s organ music, it brings tears to my eyes. When I hear the voices of liturgists, my heart leaps for joy to see folks I haven’t seen in person in some time. The church is a manifestation of Christ coming to meet us and love us. 

I view this time of sheltering in place as a means of watching over one another in love. In the early years of the Methodist movement, when an ordained clergy person was only able to visit a church about once every three months, holy communion would be consecrated and served. On the other Sundays, congregations would share a meal known as a love feast. You can learn more about it here 

This Sunday, in our online worship, we will hold a love feast wherever we are sheltering in place. I do not want you to go purchase anything for this. You can use any sort of bread – sandwich bread, nut bread, crackers, even popcorn. And you can use water, apple juice, or whatever you have on hand. The point is that we will do this together on the same day. I’ll call it Mount Olivet Love Feast Day. And in doing this together, though apart, we will be one congregation watching over one another in love. 


Pastor Ed 

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