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A New Kind of Breakfast

By Sam Riedel

A New Kind of Breakfast

by Sam riedel

Breakfast is not often a meal I take a fair amount of time on. A banana here, toast there, granola and yogurt if I am feeling bold. Yet in this midst of this strange new normal, I found I had abundant time to chop, slice, sautee, and fail miserably at flipping an omelette. I found myself laughing, humming, ranting to myself as only I can do, and altogether have a grand old time. This particular creation contained all together: 3 eggs, broccoli, onions, lots of garlic, black beans, cheese, and hot sauce.

It was not great. Yet I greatly enjoyed my time. I was alone with my thoughts. The same thoughts that only one night prior had kept me up far later than I should have been. News reports and family concerns. Anxiety and confusion. Watching some of the strongest people I know struggle to cope with something they can’t see, hold, or engage.

What then does an omelette have to do with Paul’s grave and pastoral language? What does this story have to say concerning our given situation and the countless large and small crisis in our communities and lives? In a way, it says very little. In a way, I felt it rather succinctly, at least for me, explained what Paul was getting at.

He too lived in crisis upon crisis. He too lived in a world gone wrong with communities torn asunder amidst confusion, anxiety, and stress. Paul seemed to know that the weeping would come. Yet he also knew the wisdom of the small joys of life. It is he who when beaten, bruised, and imprisoned summed up his creed as, “Rejoice evermore”.

In my mind, there are few wiser courses of action in a crisis than to secure the small joys in life. I have enjoyed seeing the various projects, crafts, and games people have employed to work through the days. It fills me with a sense of how strikingly resilient people are if given the chance to show it.

In the midst of this ever-growing situation, it is my prayer that you make an omelette, read a book, sing out of tune, or even dance in your living room. Simply secure the small joys in life and seize them with a passion. It is these small joys that I feel will help us get through this together as a community.

Grace and Peace,

Sam Riedel

Youth Ministry Director

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