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Mount Olivet Pipe Organ

Learn about the M.P. Moeller-Holtkamp Pipe Organ

Mount Olivet United Methodist Church has a M.P. Moeller pipe organ originally built in 1985 as a 3 manual instrument with 2,444 pipes in 37 ranks of pipes. It was updated in 2001 by the Di Gennaro-Hart Company with solid state and console additions. The organ was rebuilt and augmented in 2016 by The Holtkamp Organ Company, Cleveland, Ohio, retaining 3 manuals, but with new case work and electric slider chests. The enlarged instrument contains 35 stops, 48 ranks and 2,660 pipes.

Specification Summary

  • Original Manufacturer: M.P. Moeller, Inc. – Opus 11701, 1985

  • Console Additions: Di Gennaro-Hart Company – 2001

  • Rebuilt with New Casework: Holtkamp Organ Company, 2016

  • Electric Slider and Electropneumatic Unit Chests:

  • Three Manual drawknob console

  • Stops –35; Ranks – 48

  • Pipes – 2,660
Close up of pipes during installation, 2016
Joseph Ripka Recital, 2017