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How can we pray for you? Let us know here.

Community Requests

Healing and Sympathy

  • For the Cassada family, who lost Randy after a battle with cancer.
  • For Hope Schutte, that she is able to have her hip surgery on August 29, as scheduled.
  • For Hope Schutte’s sister and husband who have COVID.
  • For Hope Schutte’s sisters, that they find a satisfactory living arrangement for their newly widowed father, who has dementia.  

For those battling cancer and long-term illness 

  • Heather Weir
  • Cathy Young
  • Linda Jamison
  • Patricia Segall
  • Kevin Smith
  • Nan Cooper
  • Stoney Wolford
  • Kathy D
  • Pat Boris

Prayers for the World

  • For peace in Ukraine as Russia continues to bomb Ukrainian cities in the Eastern region of the country.
  • For people in Europe, who are facing the hottest summer weather in nearly 100 years in England and the hottest ever for France.
  • For the millions of people that have “long Covid.” The CDC recently found that nearly one in five people who have been infected with Covid have some form of long Covid.
  • For peace throughout the world, environmental justice, and health and food enough for all.


How can we pray for you?

NOTE: Any prayer request you share with Mount Olivet will remain confidential, unless otherwise noted, and will only be shared with our lead team for the purposes of prayer.