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Community Requests

Healing & Sympathy

  • For the family and friends of John Scott, who died on April 23.
  • For the family and friends of Eduardo Mendez, an eagle scout in Mount Olivet’s Troop 167, who died from injuries sustained in an auto accident. 
  • For Ann Gregory, who will have knee surgery on Friday, May 7.
  • For Thomas, brother of Bill Smith, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • For Jimmy and Leah, as Jimmy is having a difficult recovery from heart surgery. Leah is Holly Schumann’s cousin.
  • For Susan Leigh, sister of Ann Speicher, who has gone into hospice care.
  • For Nan Cooper who is having health issues and the doctors are trying to determine what they can do to help resolve or identify a course of action. 
  • For Heather Weir’s mother, who is in hospice care.
  • For Pi-hu Huang, a friend of Helen Mavroidis, who is in hospice care.   
  • For Kevin Smith and his family, as they deal with his diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis.
  • For Patrick Pope, who is recovering from brain surgery. 
  • For healing prayers for Heather Weir.

For those battling cancer 

  • Heather Weir
  • Sally Masri
  • Rachel Ressler
  • Linda Robinson
  • David Alexander
  • Davide Bonzano
  • Jessica
  • John Elliott
  • Hallie Sommardahl

Prayers for the World

  • For the families of the three refugees who died after an overcrowded boat from Mexico capsized off San Diego and for the dozens of people hospitalized after being rescued.
  • For the nearly 1,000 homeless people who sleep outside in tents in Austin, Texas, who will have to leave or go into hiding to evade a new ban on sleeping outside in the city.
  • For the 20 million people in India who have contracted COVID-19 and for the families of the approximately 4,000 Indian people dying from the disease each day.
  • For the environment and people of Brazil, after Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro cut the nation's environment budget for 2021 by 24% from the previous year’s level. This, just one day after vowing to world leaders that he would increase spending to fight deforestation and having pledged to double the budget for environmental enforcement and end illegal deforestation by 2030. 
  • For peace between China and the Philippines as the "illegal" presence of hundreds of Chinese boats inside the Philippines' 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) continues.
  • For peace, environmental justice and health for all around the world.

How can we pray for you?

NOTE: Any prayer request you share with Mount Olivet will remain confidential, unless otherwise noted, and will only be shared with our lead team for the purposes of prayer.