Scavenger Hunt

Finding Togetherness

How to Play

  1. Use the neighborhood and clue to find each location
  2. Take a selfie or group picture at each location you find!
  3. Upload your photos to Facebook or Instagram Stories and tag Mount Olivet to win a prize. (or email Sam at
  4. You can view answers by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Questions? Contact: Sam Riedel |

Custis Trail

A place to sit down, right off the trail, you may find some a small dose of togetherness

Your Neighborhood

It is here we meet friends and study hard. You may not love it now, but you will never forget it


A cool burgundy building on a busy street corner, warm coffee and sandwiches too, find a seat and bask a bit where friends gather

Lyon Park

The wheels are always turning in this old hidden gem that helps us on our journey


Bronze giants. Open paths. Sights from the past, faithful to the present. Come by and reenact what they did long ago

Westover Village

Across the street where Lost Dog’s gather. Just a jump away from where Stray Cat’s rest. If life were a map then Toby is French and Pete just might be Swiss