Who We Are

The characteristics of the Mount Olivet Youth

Our youth program will be led by a youth minister who fills a pastoral role with the Youth, so that their trust deepens and they grow spiritually.

Our youth program reflects the vision, values and mission of Mount Olivet UMC and includes retreats, mission trips and local mission work (service activities in our community) to cultivate a sense of service to others and to deepen the youth’s spiritual lives and bonds with God, other youth, the Youth Minister and our community.

Our youth help plan and help lead activities, so that they are fully invested in the outcomes and feel a deep sense of connection.

Our youth program builds a sense of community among participating youth and their families, which lays a foundation of faith into all aspects of youth’s lives.

Our youth program includes music and theater to broaden the Youth’s worship, service and faith experience, and to provide opportunities for Youth to form deeper personal bonds.