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Welcome to online classes for Adults at Mount Olivet! You are invited and welcome to join any of these classes at any time by emailing the listed contact for a link to the Zoom meeting. Have questions? Email Pastor Teer Hardy at

A Disciple's Path

wednesdays at 7 pm beginning september 16

A Disciple’s Path is a program that guides individuals to take the next step in discipleship and become dynamic, engaged followers of Jesus Christ. The study combines a Wesleyan understanding of our growth in God’s love and grace with the time-tested practices of spiritual discipline expressed in the membership vows to uphold the church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Participants will develop spiritual practices, discover unique gifts, and become engaged in ministry that brings transformation in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

 Session Overview:

September 9 Optional Introductory Session: What Does It Mean To Be A United Methodist?

September 23 Prayers: Prayer and Spiritual Meditation

September 30 Presence: Corporate Worship and Small-group Community

October 7 Gifts: Financial Generosity

October 14 Service: Spiritual Gifts and Gift-based Service

October 21 Witness: Invitational Evangelism

Want to join? Email Pastor Teer using the link below.

Wednesday Night Study

6 PM

We gather on Wednesday evenings to study, discern and explore on a Zoom call and we’ll saving a seat for you.

Beginning September 16 | Reading The Bible From The Margins

In this class we'll discover how to read the Bible from the perspective of the poor, the oppressed, and victims of discrimination. This introduction to reading and understanding the Bible focuses on perspectives that are often ignored. Here, emphasis is placed on how issues involving race, class, and gender influence our understanding of the Bible. The author shows how “standard” readings of the Bible are not always acceptable to people or groups on the “margins.” The poor and those who are targets of discrimination because of their ethnic group or gender may have quite different insights and understandings of biblical texts that can be of value to all readers.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon. Please contact Pastor Teer if you're unable to obtain a copy.

Spirited Parents

9:40 am on sundays - outside on the green

Spirited Parents is a warm, enthusiastic group that seeks to support each other during the parenting and spiritual journey. The class looks for inspiration and guidance from scripture and a variety of media, such as videos, podcasts, books, and each other. While we benefit from the weekly fellowship, the standalone format enables attendees to drop in as their schedules allow. Parents with children of all ages are welcome. We meet on the green, weather permitting, or by Zoom otherwise.

Contact: Sherri Hunter |

9:30 Study Group

10 Am on sundays

We get together on Sunday morning to learn more about the Bible and its importance in our daily lives. Class members may volunteer to teach and all members participate in the discussions. Members select the topics and the teacher determines how to present the material. Single, married, young, old. All are welcome.

The class is reading Acts for Everyone Part Two by N.T. Wright which can be purchased by clicking here.

Contact: Kristen Nelson |

Faith and Fellowship

10 am on sundays & 8 PM on wednesdays

We are a community of individuals who care for our classmates and others in the Mount Olivet family by attending to personal joys and concerns. We read and discuss scripture studies and books by contemporary theologians and other writers selected to bring insight to our spirituality. We understand that individuals are at different points along their spiritual journeys, which provides for meaningful, enlightening, and fun Sunday morning discussions.

We are looking at and discussing a video series featuring conversations with Texas Pastor Steve Harper titled Five Marks of a Methodist, The Fruit of a Living Faith.

Contact: Pastor Teer |

Scripture Study Group

10 AM on Sundays

Scripture Study Small Group is a small group that studies scripture in depth, a book at a time. The group aims to immerse itself in the living Word in order to understand it in context and to seek its application to our busy world.

Contact: Sara Scarlett |

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