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Racial Equity Resources

Sundown Towns

"Sundown towns" were towns that are intentionally all White. Contrary to popular belief, these were not just in the South. Learn about the widespread nature and current vestiges of this practice.

Senior Sunday in Worship

Sunday, June 19

As we approach the end of the School Year we want to honor and bless the graduating seniors of our congregation. If there is a graduating senior in your family, from either High School or College, we will be celebrating them during worship on June 19th. Please contact Sam Riedel if you would like your student to be raised in prayer. 

Contact: Sam Riedel |

Walk in the National Capital Pride Parade

Saturday, June 11 at 1 PM

Interested United Methodists will be walking together at the 2022 National Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, June 11. We do not have full details but will make them available as we receive them. If you wish to walk in the parade with fellow United Methodists, you can generally count on a 1PM arrival time and a 5PM wrap up. The parade will begin somewhere off of 15th Street NW just north of U Street NW and conclude somewhere near Church of the Pilgrim on 21st Street NW. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes/clothing (light-weight, breathable, etc.) and bring a bottle for water. Some canned water will be on hand in ice chests. 

⛵️ Come Sail Away! Celebrating Pastor Ed and Sharon

Everyone is invited to participate in the activities and events planned to honor Pastor Ed and Sharon as they prepare to sail on to serve a new church!

Here’s a summary so that you can begin planning now for your participation. More details will follow in the weeks ahead.

Attend Farewell Events

Say farewell in person by attending the Gathering on The Green on Saturday, June 4 or by attending worship on June 5 and 12 (Pastor Ed's last Sunday).

Write a Card

Share thoughts and memories in a written card that you can mail to church or drop-off on Sundays.

Contribute to the Love Gift

Give online or in-person to the Love Gift for the Walkers.

🍲 Soup's On! | Wednesday Night Meals

La Cocina VA is making delicious meals every Wednesday for pick-up! 

1. Place your order through our website at 

2. Pick-up your order at La Cocina’s Café on Wednesdays between 7 AM– 4 PM 

Caretakers of God's Creation

Where would you guess that Virginia ranks in a survey of environmental friendliness? Neither in the top nor bottom 10. According to WalletHub, Virginia is 18th in consideration of 25 factors in environmental quality, eco-friendly behaviors and climate change contributions. Let’s work on moving Virginia up in the rankings. See which states are the most environmentally friendly at the link. 

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